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Each producer has nice and extensive collections of uni colours and original designs, updated every year to the latest fashion trends.

Almost all products and creative packaging offered by these companies can be personalised.
Think of packaging made of different kinds of paper, foil and textile for gift and shipment bags, counter rolls, tissue paper and shopping bags as well as for polypropylene and textile ribbons, adhesive star bows, pull bows, labels and bag closers.

You can create complete packaging concepts to get a 100% coordinated company image.
Not only by using your logo or brand name, but also by integrating your theme or own design. 
Many printing techniques can be selected, including digital print for textile ribbons.

We offer competitive prices and realistic order quantities. Contact us and ask for the possibilities.

See below for more inspiration:


decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image1 4decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image2 1decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image3 2

decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image4 3decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image5 1

decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image6 1decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image7 1decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image8 1

decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image9 1decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image10 3decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image11 2

decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image12 1decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image13 1decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image14 1

decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image15decoratief verpakkingsmateriaal image16