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Anne-Marie Stegeman

After 15 years of working and travelling all over the world as a product and export manager for various Dutch companies, I really liked to start my own company.

Through my extensive working experience of wrapping paper and gifts, my passion for creative packaging sparked. The beauty of this is that you can transform a present into a real surprise.

From my contacts abroad, a selection of reliable European producers and suppliers was made. Subsequently I visited these companies and had detailed conversations about the assortment and production possibilities. Additionally, conditions have been agreed upon which are workable and competitive for the customers in my market.

In 2007, full with excitement, I started advising and selling creative packaging in the Netherlands.

Now after many years and positive experiences I can say, “It worked out really well”.

Meanwhile, the Benelux is my territory and I work for several suppliers in various other countries. My good knowledge of many foreign languages is a tremendous asset in communicating and negotiating with producers, suppliers and customers.

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My goal is to select, in pleasant collaboration with the customer, the perfect assortment and interesting additions to their product lines. I love to give advice to customer on colours, trends and materials in which they can distinguish themselves in the market and provide added value next to the many standard products.

Through years of experience and market information, the producers and I are able to offer excellent products at the best conditions. We would love to share our creativity and enthusiasm with you!

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